Manteifels projekti LLC


Founded on 17 January 2011, with the main office based in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Manteifels is a privately held institution that provides education opportunities to adults and youth, and also enhances their career prospects.

Manteifels works with socially excluded risk groups, people with low level of education, people with disabilities, unemployed persons, adults and youth.

Our main objective is to provide simplified access to education and to provide support for adults and young people. Manteifels is an environmentally friendly company.

Manteifels was created as an advisory company that provides support services to educational institutions:


Manteifels organizes hosting of mobility projects in order to deliver an exceptional experience to adults and young people. The experience is the mix of study exchange abroad, work placement in local companies and cultural experience which is an important part of each mobility.

Participants have a chance to see and experience the environment of the local vocational schools and local companies, and they can also communicate with the locals.