Project platform

Project online collaboration is done inside a specialised platform designed, utilised and maintained by Ariadne.

The platform is located at

Access to the platform is restricted to partners only.

Usage outline

Partners create tasks and then assign them to other patners.

Tasks may be:

They can be marked with priority, due date, and other settings.

The assignees get notified about their tasks. They discuss them in the task threads and report their progress. They may attach files to tasks.

When tasks are finished they are closed.

Tasks may have sub-tasks or be part of super-tasks. In order to close a super-task, all its sub-tasks must be closed first. Task dependencies can be monitored in task graph.

The overall project progress can be monitored in roadmap.

Technical specs

Project platform is built with open source software Flyspray (see: acknowledgements). The software is heavily modified to serve the project needs.