About the Project

logo Nowadays technology has changed so much that no matter which bakery you enter, Italian one, Greek or Turkish, it looks absolutely the same. There are several bakery equipment manufactors in Europe and all the bakeries buy their equipment from them. On the other side the training in the domain of bakery has not changed in all European countries and by training we mean curricula, the programme, the methods, the contain of the curricula chapters and the training of the trainers. According to the bakeries and bakery equipment manufactor, bakers in today's bakeries need more IT skills and competences because the most of the work is done by the mashines, which they need to know how to operate.

The innovative component of our project is that we will work on improving the curricula for bakers vocational training, working together with representatives of the actual employers and manufactors of bakery technology on international level making possible for trainees to get a qualification useful and good enough on European labour market.

Another new approach of the bakery curricula will be very much enriched ICT component which the employers value so much in todays workers.

In addition to the improved curricula we will create a special methodology for trainers how to teach using the new bakery technology. This methodology will be created with the help and consultance of the bakery equipment producer.

A research on comparing the curricula from the partner countries will be done by project members and will help trainers from different countries to prepare their trainees for European labour market.

And eventually by improving the curricula we intend to help our trainees to get better skills and competences in bakery profession, increasing their chances to get a job and decreasing the numbers of the unemployement which is the most common problem in all partners areas.

The main objectives of this project are:

  1. to improve the curricula of the bakers qualification course in accordance to new technology and to the direct requirements of the bakeries. Result: 1 improved curricula
  2. to improve bakers skills and competences by making the curricula closer to the requirements of the employers. Result: at least 30 emploees of the bakeries trained
  3. to improve skills and competences of the trainers in Bakery domain. Result: at least 25 trainers participating at the practical stage
  4. to encrease chances of the trainees to get employed by offering them quality training
  5. to develope partnerships and working agreements between training providers and actors on the labour market (bakeries, in our case). Result: at least 7 working agreements signed between Training providers and bakeries.
  6. By creating partnerships between training providers and bakeries as actors on the labour markets, we will make the improvements functional and benefic not only for trainees but also for those who are going to benefit from their better qualification, the employers.

With the help of these objectives our project will contribute to reach the objectives of the Strategy Europe 2020 to raise the level of the competences and skills in vocational training, to increase the level of the employement and to encourage innovation.

While preparing this application we have already discussed the terms of our colaboration with different bakeries and technology producers and they confirmed that nowadays because of the modern technology qualified bakers need more IT skills and competences than.

Each partner organisation will create a partnership with a local bakery in order to involve directly the actor on the labour market into the training process of the future employees.

The target group will be composed by trainers in the domain of bakery, unqualified employees of the bakeries, people in risk to get unemployed, but also vocational school graduators who want to get a qualification in bakery.

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